Pastor Jamal

It is one thing to get stuck in the snow, but quite another to get stuck in life.  If the Truth be told, that is the case for many people.  They are stuck in life.  Have you ever gotten stuck in the ditch, unable to move forward because of adverse circumstances or even failures of the past?  Are you holding on to hurts and heartaches from yesterday?  Do you find yourself wishing for the “good old days” while the present days continue to move on without you?  What can you do when you are stuck in life?

Mark it down:  God takes no pleasure in a derailed, ditch-dwelling Christians living in the past.  God wants you to forget what was in the past.  God wants you to get back on track with Him, moving forward as a force for Jesus Christ.

God is the Great I AM, not the Great I Was.  He desires for you and me to live in the present, not the past.  There is a call  for you to press on with the Lord.  Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come.  All we have is today.  And God says to you today, “man, woman, boy and girl, move forward with Me.  Let your little light shine so the world can see Jesus not you.  God has a mighty works for you to do this day so that people will know that He is yet alive” If you are stuck in life and you think you can’t go forward, Try Jesus way, He is the only way.
You don’t have to be stuck one more day.  You can get your life out of the ditch as you take God’s hand and begin pressing on with Him.  Remember, He will forgive your sin.  He is working it out for your good.